Abbey hey fc

Staying on top on things

With the season officially null and void by the choice of the FA, a couple of volunteers at the club have been down to the abbey stadium keeping on top of things.

With COVID-19 hanging around and social distancing measures being put in to help prevent the spread of the virus, the abbey hey crew have been doing their part to make sure all jobs get done and dusted ready for the new season ahead.

A special mention to Gordon (Treasurer), Simon (HEAD Of Media) and also Alan (Physio) who have all been putting maximum efforts to keep the ground looking presentable and not a jungle. They have plans down the line to redo the painting around the stadium and give the place a fresh look and also much needed TLC.

The biggest job is the grass cutting which has has been taking place so that the pitch and the training areas aren’t ruined by leaving them too long to cut and possibly damaging the surface.

The plan to redo the painting around the ground comes once the grass cutting is finished… .for the painting they are looking at stripping down the railings beside the pitch to recoat them and have them looking fresh like they should, the sheltered standing and seating terrace on the far side of the ground will also be repainted and restored to its natural glory presenting the Abbey Hey FC red and black colours.

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