The season may be at a stand still, however the workload carries on behind doors!

Away have gone the balls, cones and bibs only to be replaced by the hoes, forks and wheelbarrows.

All football cancelled but the time is being put to good use down at Abbey Hey by the committee and volunteers.

With gloves donned the weeds are removed, holes filled and edges trimmed. A small band of merry men have been active improving the aesthetics of the stadium, Ken’s precision is matched by Gordon’s, Pete’s and Billy’s diligence all in exchange for a cuppa with a biscuit (Chocolate, of course)

Afzal Khan, (our local MP & club President) could well do with visiting, topics of conversation have changed from resolving Brexit to the matter of the Coronavirus along with a smattering of players past and how much they would enhance the current incumbents. Great to see the hard work that generally goes unnoticed.

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